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Try & Hire

Did you know, we also work with Try & Hire? The concept bridges the gap between a temporary position and a permanent employment. This allows both company and the candidate to try out the collaboration and see if there is a good match.

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Why Try & Hire?

Test the collaboration
Avoid hiring mistakes
Skip the recruitment process

For you as a company

A Try & Hire program allows you to get to know the employee before a potential permanent employment. You can test the collaboration to find out if the employee has the right skills to fulfill the tasks.

Recruiting new employees is a comprehensive and time-consuming process that can result in hiring mistakes. A Try & Hire program can help you avoid this, as it allows you to evaluate a temporary employee’s performance and cultural fit during a trial period before making a final decision on permanent employment.


For you as a candidate

When you become part of a Try & Hire program, you’ll have the opportunity to get to know a potential future workplace and employer before accepting a permanent position.

We are incredibly happy with our employees and proud that they want to be part of our team, but we’re also happy to help them further their careers. With the Try & Hire concept, we give our employees a unique opportunity to become permanent employees in a company where they have been allowed to try out the collaboration in advance.

Try & Hire

Want to get started with a Try & Hire program?


Står du over for en akut mangel på arbejdskraft? Vores vikarservice er her for at hjælpe. Med en bred pool af dygtige og erfarne medarbejdere, kan vi sikre en hurtig og effektiv løsning, så du kan fokusere på din virksomheds fremdrift.


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